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Step 2 of 8 – Clarify Values and Communicate the Daily

Similar t step 1, clarifying values means having a real 2-way discussion with the members of your team.  TOGETHER define the future and final-state values that you all will embrace.  It is important that these values are not thrust upon them from above (the boss or the organization), but that they have a hand in developing them.  It is called ‘sweat equity’.  Whenever somebody (or a group of people) are part of building something, they then own it, protect it, understand it, and are the promoters of it.  Having your team develop and build the future values and define how they will integrate into the department operations and the organization’s culture will go miles in gaining their buy-in and support.  If they build it, they will own it, use it, and make it a success.

Communicating and modeling these values is also critical.  In the day-to-day rat-race, people often revert back to former behaviors when stresses.  Using the defined and future values in the face of stressful times reinforces them for all.