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HTM Week – May 21-27 – and AAMI wants to Know How You are Going to Celebrate It

It’s that time of year again! HTM Week 2017 (May 21 – 27) is just over a month away. Once again, AAMI will recognize the department or facility that best celebrates this special week with an announcement and a $500 gift card.

To participate, all you have to do is let us know how you plan to celebrate! Simply submit a brief description of your planned activities here. Feel free to also submit any photos or any other supporting materials to me at if you wish. The winner will be announced during HTM Week. It only takes a moment to enter, so don’t miss your chance to be recognized! Stay tuned for details about additional plans for HTM Week 2017!

All the best,

Patrick Bernat
Director Healthcare Technology Management
Arlington VA
(703) 525-4890