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Has Technology Gone Too Far?

  Tech company on verge of developing a smart condom

 By Cara Livernois
 Fitness trackers have turned walking into something of a competition, with friends comparing the number of steps in a day or a week. Now, a company is aiming to bring wearable technology into the bedroom to track something more of a team sport.

The i.Con Smart Condom from British Condoms is a ring worn over a condom that can track a wearer’s activity and record various information. Still in the final stages of development, the ring tracks activity and transmits data to a smartphone application. The device currently tracks calories burned, number of thrusts, frequency, duration, speed and body temperature.

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Do we need this?  And if so, what for?  Fitness?  Machismo?  Procreation?  Entertainment?  Could it be used like a taxi meter by Ladies of the Night or Gigolos?  Would it do charts and graphs?  Would you share them on your Facebook page?   Could you fool the device by not using another person and create a really impressive graph?  I just don’t get this line of Research and Development.  But I would have loved to been at the planing meetings, especially in the very early stages of the product.    Pat Lynch