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Survey: 24% of tech workers see discrimination in the workplace

Written by Erin Dietsche (Twitter | Google+)  | February 08, 2017

A new survey from found 24 percent of U.S. employees in the technology industry said they felt discrimination at work due to their gender, race, age, religion or sexual orientation, according to Reuters.

The survey was conducted online in December through Censuswide, a survey consulting firm. A little more than 1,000 tech sector workers weighed in.

Here are three additional findings from the survey.

1. Twenty-nine percent of female respondents claimed they felt discriminated against, compared to only 21 percent of male respondents.

2. Thirty-two percent of nonwhite respondents felt discrimination compared to 22 percent of white respondents.

3. Approximately 57 percent of respondents claimed they didn’t know what their company is doing to address the issue of discrimination. Another 25 percent said they don’t believe their company is doing anything to address the issue.