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Greetings From Biomeds Without Borders

Many thanks to everyone who has supported our previous and ongoing missions in any form or fashion.  Some have sent biomed test equipment, some have sent hand tools and shop supplies. A few have even sent money (always needed, by the way).
There is a lot going on.  And I have some updates for you, and some opportunities for you to help – mostly with outdated and unused equipment that you may have.

Last year – there were no trips in 2016.  We were working with the Heineman Foundation to get 3 containers of equipment and supplies shipped to a hospital in Escuintla, Guatemala.  We will be leaving in late February to install that equipment.  You should have received requests for volunteers to travel.
The main project I am writing to you about today is in the South American country of Guyana.  (not to be confused with the African county of Ghana.)

St. Joseph Mercy Hospital is a 70-bed General & Specialist hospital that also incorporates a Nursing School and is located in the Kingston area of Georgetown, Guyana. Serving 14,400 Guyanese and foreign citizens regardless of religion, gender, ethnicity or economic status, the hospital is one of the hallmarks in Guyana’s health care system.
On May 10, 2010, fire broke out in the oldest wing of St. Joseph Mercy Hospital. This particular wing held the emergency department, one operating theater, offices, storage rooms, reception and admission. For the people of Guyana, and for the healthcare infrastructure, this destructive fire was a disaster. Much of the hospital was completely unusable, and equipment and records were destroyed.

Furthermore, Mercy Hospital has a reputation for giving quality service, charity care and giving support to other hospitals in the country.

A Reconstruction Campaign was immediately launched. From the beginning, the aim of the campaign was more than to restore the wing. The goal was to build back better – to make Mercy Hospital into a modern, well equipped institution with state-of-the-art operating rooms, Intensive Care Unit, and Recovery Rooms where critically ill persons could be stabilized while being evaluated either for medical evacuation or local surgery.

Six years into the campaign, a lot has been accomplished, but funds have been exhausted. The funds raised have covered all of the expenses for the build out and repairs to the hospital. And expertise by the Catholic Health Network in the U.S. has provided mentorship in quality improvement, IT development, human resources retention and cost management.

These combined efforts have helped the hospital open a well-equipped Maternity Ward, a new Operating Theatre, hire and retain new specialists and improve patient and worker morale.  Mercy Hospital has been operating at an improved occupancy of 70% since mid-2014. It completed 2014 and 2015 with a positive income generation and is on track to achieve higher income outcomes in 2016.

However, today’s Health system is becoming increasingly competitive especially in Guyana with demand for improved health care by patients as the country health care system develops to higher standards. The Hospital is equally challenged by the Ministry of Health and PAHO) Pan-American Health Organization) to advance and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals of Health Care and also the Ministry of Health’s 2020 Vision.

St. Joseph Mercy Hospital must embrace development and welcome into the departments new diagnostic and therapeutic tools along with a higher level of skilled and professional health care workers to effectively and efficiently produce on each occasion high quality health care.

As part of this strategic objective, Mercy Hospital has requested assistance in 4 critical areas:
·        Finalize Refurbishing of Patient Ward Areas
·        Enhance the ER and ICU.
·        Establish a 36 bed Elder Home
·        Improve Key Hospital Services in order to increase quality and profitability

Biomeds Without Borders has been asked to locate and secure the remaining equipment that they need to complete the project.  That is why I am writing to you.
I have attached an equipment list that was provided me from the hospital.  Please read the list carefully.  If you have anything on the list that is in WORKING CONDITION and is complete with cords, sensors, transducers, and anything else required for operation, please consider donation to this worthy cause.  You will be donation to a fully recognized 501 c (3) organization.
I have the assistance of a warehouse in Columbia, SC where the equipment can be shipped.  They will house it for me until I can check it out, make sure it is ready for international shipment and had all accessories and attachments required.  They will then handle the actual packaging and shipping to Guyana.  I anticipate that I (and some of you) will be called to travel to Guyana to unpack and install donated equipment.

Please contact me if you have an item (or 2 or 20) on the list, or if you have a close substitute), email me the items, with an indication of their operation condition and whether they have everything they need to be used to treat patients.

Additionally, if you don’t have any items on the list, Biomeds Without Borders can always use cash donations.  We incur lots of costs beyond donated parts in order to get equipment fully functional and ready to ship overseas.  Cash donations may be made to:  Biomeds Without Borders, 1087 Market St., Fort Mill, SC 29708.

Thank you for your continued support.


Pat Lynch
Chief Do-Gooder
Biomeds Without Borders





# Item Description Qty
1 16 Slice CT Scan 1
2 Warmer Trolleys 1
3 Autoclave Tabletop 1
4 Instruments for 2NW and OR See List Below 1*
5 Anesthesia Machine 2 are better, if identical 1
5a Vaporizers, Assorted, to match Anes Machines 4
6 Fetal Monitor, and paper 2
7 Phototheraphy Unit 1
8 Infant Warmer 1
9 Infant Suction Machine 2
10 Bassinettes 6
11 Vital Signs Monitor 2
12 Cots 4
13 Recliners 4
14 Suction Machines 16
15 Cardiac Monitors  with arterial line 16
16 Gurney with mattress Hydraulic, if possible 4
17 ECG Machine 2
18 Incubators 2
19 Digital Colposcope 1
20 Auroscope 8
21 Opthalmoscope 6
22 Laryngoscope Blade (0,1,2,3,4) 2 each
23 Defibrillator 1
24 Tracheostomy Care Kits 4 boxes
25 C-PAP Mask Harness 2
26 Accu vein finder 1
# *Item Description Qty
1 Halsted Mosquito Forceps (artery forceps) 5 inch curved 12
2 Mayo Scissors (Gold handle)                                        6 3/4 Inch (17.1 cm) curve 12
3 Green Armitage 6
4 Electronic Craniotome with Cutter 1
5 Bipolar Forceps Blunt tip                                                   9 inches (23 cm) 3
6 Bipolar Forceps Blunt tip                                                  6 1/2 inches (17 cm) 3
7 Dura Scissors Schmieden                                             6 3/4 inches (17.1 cm) 2
8 Mayfield Head Holder Skull Clamp 1
9 Laparoscopic Trocar Rubber 5 cm 6
10 cm 6