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A Simple Fix to Save you Countless Headaches

A message from Pat Lynch to my friends –

Do you have a credit card?  A debit card?   Do they have a chip in it?

If so, then it can be read by a simple device that ANYBODY can but for $200.  Yes.  If someone spends $200, buys a totally legal reader, they can walk within 2 feet of you, and instantly, all of the information from all of your credit cards will be in their possession.  Card number, expiration date, security code, billing zip code – everything they need to make charges to your account or to take your money.   And you won’t even know it, because your card(s) will not even have left your wallet.

To protect yourself, do what I did last week, invest in a RF-blocking wallet of credit card sleeve that will totally protect your personal property.

This sounds like a commercial, but believe me, it isn’t.  I chose the ID Stronghold, because the video they have on their website educated me and made a lot of sense.  I have provided the link, because I think it is a great information s resource about RFID in general.  You can see it HERE.  (Disclosure: I have no financial interest in ID Stronghold, nor do I receive any payment from endorsing them.)


The solution I chose was their RF protecting sleeves, which I found fit nicely in my existing wallet.  And they only cost as little as $2.12 is packs of 8.  Why don’t you buy a pack and give then to your coworkers?  Why not even give them to the nurses and people that you care about throughout the hospital?   The holiday season may be over, but its never too late to show that you really care about someone’s safety and well being.

Here’s to a wonderful 2017.


Pat Lynch