MITA Survey – a Joke

What an unmitigated crock of S___!  Of course, a survey could be written such that 90% of all Americans would state that they are in favor of regulation of medical devices.  This survey is nothing but a paper tiger.

Posing a YES or NO question to an uninformed public about a complicated topic that has many players, financial implications, subtle undercurrents, and hidden agendas is bound to yield erroneous results.

This survey just goes to show how ruthless and financially driven MITA and most of the manufacturers are.  They are enlisting unknowing John Q. Public for their selfish motives by plying them with half-truths and impossibly simplistic survey questions.

Anyone who takes this survey seriously is even stupider than the guys at MITA and the companies that are their members.  I challenge them to respond to this commentary by releasing the entire survey, and the means by which it was implemented, including how and who it was distributed to.

I am, as you can tell, very angry that there exists in our business a group like MITA that thinks that they can manipulate public policy by using the collective money of their members to create a survey whose results could have been predicted before the first person was even queried.   The results of the survey do not mean anything in the current debate over FDA regulation of third parties and other medical equipment servicers, although MITA surely would have us believe that their survey (and the results) constituted an affirmative vote by the American people.  People cannot vote on something that they do not understand.  And MITA cleverly concealed all of the facts that could have made for legitimate survey results.



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