A Shameless Self Promotion

From Patrick Lynch

As some of you may know, I am now doing independent work for hospitals and private companies.  In some circles, this is called consulting.  I prefer to call it PROBLEM SOLVING.

At any rate, I have a variety of services which I offer.  I truly believe that I can help a hospital HTM (Biomed) department solve some of their nagging problems, save money, increase their job security from outside takeover, and help them become the asset to administration that they know they are.   I can help companies grow their business and stand out from their competition in so many ways, depending on what they sell, their current size, and who they are competing against.

I also have many presentations and services that I give for free to biomed associations.

In order to introduce myself to potential customers, I have created a website that answers many of the frequently asked questions about who I am, what I do, and how I can help out.  I am asking you, my readers, 2 things.

First, read my website and give me CANDID, HONEST feedback about it.  Too egocentric?  Too busy?  Laid out correctly?  Is there stuff that is missing?

Second, if you or anyone that you know might benefit from my help, pass my information along to them.  Call me and let’s talk through the issues and.or problems.  If we can find a solution over the phone – no charge.  If it is more complex, or requires a visit, we can discuss that, too.

Thank you for reading the blog, especially this one.  And thinks for reviewing my website and passing my information along to potential customers.

Pat Lynch