Stolen medical records sell for $2 approximately, report finds

The marketplace for stolen medical records is growing, but it is much smaller than the market for personal financial data, according to Intel Security’s McAfee Labs Health Warning report.

Here are five key findings:

1. Stolen medical records have a price per record of $0.03 to $2.42.

2. The price is much lower than the $14 to $25 per-record price that personal financial account data commands.

3. This is likely due to the fact that cybercriminals must analyze health data in medical records before being able to use it for lucrative fraud, theft or blackmail opportunities.

4. Additionally, targeting biotechnology and pharmaceutical firms for their intellectual property and business confidential information is also a more lucrative proposition than stolen medical records.

5. Cybercriminals are increasingly purchasing tools that will help them conduct cyberattacks on healthcare organizations.