Top 5 physician “musts” for digital technology

Sep 27, 2016 | Cara Livernois
Physicians are faced with the proposition from paper to digital technology at a rapid pace. A study conducted by the American Medical Association (AMA) found that many physicians have common “musts” for the use of digital tool and what they expect from the digital tools in return.

The study analyzed current usage, expectations and physician motivations and what they expect from using digital health tools. The study, conducted between July 7 and 18, included responses from more than 1,300 physicians who were given a 15-minute online survey to tabulate the top five “musts” for physicians.

The survey revealed the following:

What potential advantages attract physicians to use digital health tools?

Improved work efficiency.
Increased patient safety.
Improved diagnostic ability.
Reduced physician burnout and stress.
Improved relationship between patient and physician.

What do physicians require to use digital health tools?

Coverage by the standard malpractice insurance.
Data security from EHR vendor and hospital.
Integration with EHR.
Reimbursement for time used.
Support from EHR vendor.

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