Letter From GE concerning legality of Software resales

Recently, GE sent a letter to equipment brokers and and unknown list of others.  It is included below.  It states that the original buyer of the equipment is not allowed to sell any software that came with the original purchase of the CT, MRI, or other advanced imaging product except for the basic operating software.

This is causing quite a lot of discussion in the biomed and healthcare fields.  What is considered the “base system standard operating system”?  Does any liability fall on the sell, or the buyer?  What will happen if a GE employee discovers software on a machine that should not be there?  What will their procedure be?  Does this apply to ‘hidden’ software that must be turned on with a service key?

We are trying to find out some answers and will update this blog when we have them.


Pat Lynch

GE Healthcare Software Terms of Non-Resale