American College of Surgeons issues new dress code


The American College of Surgeons issued new guidelines Monday on appropriate surgeon attire in and out of the operating room.

“It’s important to provide an optimal surgical care environment for our patients. These recommendations for a comprehensive dress policy for surgeons will help us to achieve that goal,” ACS Executive Director David Hoyt, MD, said in a statement.

The guidelines are based on “professionalism, common sense, decorum and the available evidence,” according to ACS. Dress code recommendations include:

  • Changing scrubs and hats after a surgical procedure before speaking with family members
  • Changing scrubs and hats before subsequent cases even if they are not visibly dirty
  • Covering OR scrubs with a clean lab coat when outside the OR area
  • Limiting scrub wear to the hospital facility
  • Covering the mouth, nose and hair during invasive procedures. A limited amount of hair on the back of the neck and/or “modest” sideburns are allowed to show.

See the full list of recommendations here.