Interview Questions from the top 10 MedTech Companies

How do you tell a surgeon he is doing something inadequate?  

Explain a time when a project you were working on did not go as planned. How did you turn it around?

How would you deal with being asked to perform a test procedure that you knew was either wrong or would not provide the data required to resolve problem?

Explain a time when you helped enact a new procedure or protocol?

If we offered you this job and you accepted: What would you do your first day? Your first week? Your first month?

What was your biggest failure? 

Describe an impossible task you were given and how did you handle it…

Can you explain to me what flow cytometry is?

If your friends were here with you, what would they say are 2 of your worst qualities?  

Explain the p-test and t-test as it relates to statistical analysis.

What would be the advantages and disadvantages for various placements for the gate on a plastic injected molded part?

Describe a time/task where you were asked to do something that may or may not have been morally wrong.  

Describe a situation you have encountered where you needed to change the mind of the person you were dealing with.

How would you manage an aging product line that has had little innovation for some time.

Tell me about a time that you’ve failed…

Name a time when you had to make a decision with limited information…

What part of our credo do you relate most to? (

Can you share some unique problem-solving skills you’ve developed as a result of your specific educational and work experiences?  

Tell me about your product development process?

Are you willing to work nontraditional hours, seeing as this position requires weekend duty every few weeks and are at the mercy of operations?

Please describe to me how you feel regulation works.

How many hospital beds are in the US?

How many gas stations are in the United States? (Questions like these are all about how you formulate a thoughtful answer. Once I did that, she wanted a number. I said between 150k-175k, and she said she looked it up ahead of time, 168k.)

What is your current experience with HAZMAT, DOT, and computer entry programs?  

What would your least favorite teacher say about you?  

Describe a time when you had to go along with something you disagreed with…  

How well do you understand lean Six Sigma Principles?

What type(s) of engineering tools you would use to uncover the root cause of a product failure?

Why does a tennis ball have fuzz?

What is your solid modeling experience and what tasks can you perform with it?

How does this component work?  

Have you had conflicts with other co-workers?  

What had you learnt in the past that motivated you to be an Engineer?

What were you able to negotiate? What advice would you give others considering an offer?

What could I have done differently to convince my current employer that a change was necessary.  

What is your favorite color and why?

Describe what a comparator is and draw it.

Do you understand the workings of an ECG? Can you read and ECG printout?

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