If you need VOICE credits, or are simply interested in exploring new imaging topics, BC Technical is your partner for success. We offer monthly webinars that can be accessed at your convenience. Each course is worth 1 VOICE credit and has been developed by our Clinical Support Specialists.BC Technical’s upcoming webinar will be available starting May 13, 2016 – May 31, 2016. Our webinar will be focused on Current Topics in Radiation Safety. Be advised on General Radiation Safety Updates; Understand more about the ALARA principle and earn a free VOICE credit!

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This webinar is only available to receive credit up until MAY 31, 2016. Please be sure to complete the course and take the test before then!

BC Technical is the largest non-OEM provider of Medical Imaging Solutions. We provide the same level of resources, quality and expertise expected from large OEMs with the added flexibility and value expected of smaller ISOs. Our customers trust us to provide quality refurbished NM, SPECT/CT, PET, PET/CT, MRI and CT systems from all major OEMs, nationwide on-site service in all 50 states and personal technical/clinical support.