The M.E.T.A. Scholar call for papers

M.E.T.A is an association of Biomedical and HTM professionals.  Learn more about META at .

We are currently looking for authors to submit articles for T.M.S. 9th edition. T.M.S. has sections for current BMET (HTM) students to write about life as a student. T.M.S. is focused on education so our articles lean toward the didactic side.
Article subjects can include, but not limited to, any of the following:
1. Historical figures who contributed to medicine and medical technology
2. Articles about life on campus as a BMET student
3. Medical device, theory of operation, maintenance strategies, or troubleshooting
4. History of medical devices (my favorite)
5. Game master (games or puzzles related to medical technology)
6. Applied Science (Computer science, Physics, biology, chemistry, as applied to BMET, CE)
7. Certification review articles (CBET, CLES, CRES, CCE, CET exams)
8. Biomedical Equipment Networking to include security