45 Massive Online Open Courses You Can Take At Any time

These massive online open courses, otherwise known as MOOC’s, are provided from some of the top Universities and training providers in existence. They’re evergreen, which means you can take them at any point – there’s no starting date. What’s even better is that most of these offer certificates on completion to give your skill-set and resume a major boost.

What are you waiting for? Pick your favorite and get learning!

Introduction to Statistics: Making Decisions Based on Data  (C-VA) – Udacity

Algorithms: Crunching Social Networks  (C-VA) – Udacity

Differential Equations in Action: Making Math Matter  (C-VA) – Udacity

Web Development: How to Build a Blog  (C-VA) – Udacity

Software Testing: How to Make Software Fail  (C-VA) – Udacity

Programming Languages: Building a Web Browser  (C-VA) – Udacity

Introduction to Theoretical Computer Science: Dealing with Challenging Problems  (C-VA) – Udacity

How to Build a Startup: The Lean LaunchPad  (C-VA) – Udacity

Design of Computer Programs: Programming Principles  (C-VA) – Udacity

Artificial Intelligence: Programming A Robotic Car   (C-VA) – Udacity

Applied Cryptography: Science of Secrets  (C-VA) – Udacity

HTML5 Game Development (C-VA) – Udacity

Introduction to Parallel Programming (C-VA) – Udacity

Interactive Rendering (C-VA) – Udacity

Functional Hardware Verification (C-VA) – Udacity

American English Speech (NC) – Carnegie Mellon

Anatomy and Physiology (NC) – Carnegie Mellon

Argument Diagramming (NC) – Carnegie Mellon

Biochemistry (NC) – Carnegie Mellon

Elementary French 1 (NC) – Carnegie Mellon

Elementary French 2 (NC) – Carnegie Mellon

Engineering Statics (NC) – Carnegie Mellon

Introduction to Biology (NC) – Carnegie Mellon

Introduction to Chemistry (NC) – Carnegie Mellon

Introduction to Psychology (NC) – Carnegie Mellon

Logic and Proofs (NC) – Carnegie Mellon

Media Programming (NC) – Carnegie Mellon

Modern Biology (NC) – Carnegie Mellon

Probability and Statistics (NC) – Carnegie Mellon

Statistical Reasoning (NC) – Carnegie Mellon

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