Radiology center announces privacy breach after patient records fall out of truck


Radiology Regional Center, a diagnostic facility with nine locations in Florida, announced this week that records containing personal patient information fell from a waste management truck onto the street in Fort Meyers, Fla., while being transported to be incinerated.

The breach consisted of patient names, addresses, phone numbers, social security numbers, dates of birth, health insurance numbers, and other medical status and assessment information as well as financial information gathered in the patient medical and financial records.

“Every effort was made to retrieve the records, including a foot search of the surrounding area by more than a dozen of its employees and physicians,” the company said. “As a result of its numerous searches, Radiology Regional Center believes that virtually all of the records were retrieved.”

The announcement was released in accordance with HIPAA guidelines, and all those potentially impacted were notified immediately, according to the company’s  press release .

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