Top 10 Star Wars Medical Technologies

Star Wars fervor is peaking again after release of the second trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which to date has received nearly 43 million views.

We’ll have to wait to see how many people dress as Jedi Knights and Wookiees this Christmas, when the seventh Star Wars feature film is released. In the meantime, the uptick in popularity provides a great reminder of the volume of medical technologies featured in the series. In a galaxy far, far, away, it was no big deal to lose a limb, or to be frozen in carbonite and survive the ordeal.

In the following slides, we’ll highlight 10 medical technologies featured in the original three Star Wars films. We also invite you to pick your favorite in a poll. Wherever possible, we’ll showcase how the technologies in the film have either inspired real-world medical technologies or at least anticipated them.

  1. Vader’s Respirator
  2. Carbonite
  3. Luke’s Prosthetic Arm
  4. Bacta Tank
  5. 2-1B Surgical Droids
  6. C-8 Life Support
  7. Multi-purpose Micro-surgical Appendage
  8. Synthskin
  9. FX-7 Medical Assistant Droid
  10. Cloning

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