Sorry for the break interruption in posts on this blog . . .

Pat Lynch here.  I’ve been doing this blog for a while since the amazing Dick Felton retired a few months ago.  I have gone a couple of weeks without a post, but now I am back.  My job with my old employer came to an end on October 30.  I spent the entire past month moving emails, arranging new phone service, changing addresses, and doing those things you have to do when your identity and on-line life have been closely woven with your company’s.   But now I am independent, have a new email ( and am ready to get back to business.   GMI graciously allowed me to keep my old phone number, so it remains the same – 704-941-0116 .

A word of explanation – GMI hired me when they were a small, regional company who did most of their work for a few big companies.  It was their customers who dealt with the paying customers.  I was hired to give them a national presence and teach them how to market to hospitals, so they could move away from the behind-the-scenes work to directly dealing with the end customer.  This worked, and now my job is done.  I am presently looking for another company in a similar situation – that I can help move from a small regional company to a much larger national presence.   But I am very selective.  Watch where I land – it will be a great place.   Pat.