Power to the Patient

Today’s healthcare goals seem simple – improve patient satisfaction, deliver high-quality experiences, and increase staff engagement. Doctors and patients alike are accustomed to the firmly entrenched doctor knows best status quo. But it is only by empowering patients – entrusting them with greater responsibility and putting opportunities for self-directed care into their hands – that health care can be made significantly more efficient and effective.

How can health systems create a culture of patient empowerment? In looking at industries like banking, retail and travel, it’s clear that the growth of self-service technology has played a critical role in consumer empowerment. By allowing consumers to manage routine interactions at the time and place that is most convenient to them, self-service is a ‘must have’ for organizations looking to build loyalty and drive satisfaction. Healthcare providers are following suit by allowing patients to perform a number of tasks self-registering on site, pre-registering paying bills on line and communicating via mobile devices. Who doesn’t want to be able to control their healthcare journey?

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