117 Medicare statistics to know

Medicare, now 50 years old, provides health insurance for Americans over the age of 65. Soon after the program’s inception in 1966, there were approximately 19 million older citizens enrolled, in 50 years that number has grown to nearly 56 million.

Here are 100 statistics to know about Medicare, based on the most recent available data.

Medicare spending
1. In fiscal year 2015, Medicare benefits will total $605.9 billion.
2. Gross fee for service spending for Part A will total $203.1 billion.
3. Gross fee for service spending for Part B will total $167.8 billion.
4. Gross fee for service spending for Part C will total $149.8 billion.
5. Gross fee for service spending for Part D will total $85.2 billion.
6. The total number of Medicare enrollees in 2015 is projected to be 55.2 million.
7. In fiscal year 2013, Medicare made up 20 percent of national health expenditures.
8. In 2014, Medicare benefit payments totaled $597.2 billion, according to the Congressional Budget Office.
9. As members of the Baby Boom generation reach the Medicare eligibility age, an additional 19.1 million people are expected to enroll in the program over the next 11 years.
10. Twenty-seven percent of Medicare-enrolled physicians reported using an EHR in 2013, according to CMS.
11. Forty-five percent of Medicare-enrolled physicians participate in the Medicare Physician Quality reporting program.

Medicare Part B covers two types of services: Medically necessary services and preventive services. A patient pays nothing for these services if they receive them from a provider who accepts assignment, or agrees to be paid directly by Medicare. The following items are the 10 services with the most Medicare Part B spending for 2012, according to CMS.

12. Internal Medicine — $9.33 billion
13. Ophthalmology — $5.93 billion

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