Digital Right-to-Repair Legislation needs your help

To all Biomeds:  Tired of not being allowed to repair your equipment? Read about this proposed legislation and help support it.  Pat Lynch

Hi Patrick – I know this topic is close to your heart.  Hopefully you can use your blogs and contacts to help us get legislation passed that meets our common goals.

 Our Coalition has been successful in placing legislation in 3 states for “Fair Repair”.  The bills all look very much like the Automotive Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) which was a practical agreement between the Big Auto manufacturers and the Aftermarket trade associations that had been fighting for Auto right to repair for at least a decade in Congress.  Ultimately, the legislature in Massachusetts passed the first law – which when it was clear it would be replicated in 50 varieties, caused the industry to come to a national agreement.

 We have taken the Auto agreement as our template.  All the repair issues for modern cars are identical for medical equipment and for computers as well.

 At this time – we need as many organizations as possible to come forward and support Fair Repair bills publically.  Individuals can help as well – legislators listen to their constituents ahead of lobbyists.   This is the one place where consumers can make a huge different by just telling their state representatives they want to be able to repair the things they purchase.

 Please help us spread the word. 

 Individuals can make their voices heard using our web pages.  Organizations should write their Memorandum of Support and send them to me for forwarding.

 Let me know if you have questions.  Thanks!!  Massachusetts pages are coming up soon. Bills are slower in MA.


 Gay Gordon-Byrne

Executive Director

Digital Right to Repair Coalition

North Haledon, NJ 07508

 973-949-5164 (office)

201-747-4022 (mobile)