A Great Resource For You: HTM Talk

by Patrick K. Lynch, CBET, CCE, MBA, HIT Pro/PW, CPHIMS

View the 2 minute 12 second introduction video below:


I take great pride in announcing a new resource for you, the working HTM professional. HTM Talk premiered in December 2013 as a free online resource for all biomeds anywhere to use.

HTM Talk is a vehicle for you to ask questions to your other HTM professionals (BMETs, CBETs, Clinical Engineers, Imaging Engineers and manufacturers.) Even doctors and nurses can join. We welcome Rad techs, too.

Characteristics of HTMTalk include:

1) It is entirely email based. No need to access a web browser or go to a website. You receive all posts and make all replies from your email.
2) It is not moderated. It doesn’t need to be. Based on Google Groups, it is naturally spam and virus free. And if there are individual posters that are out of line, they can be reported to me and they will be counselled or have their access restricted. But this is strictly on an exception bases.
3) At present, the only archive is that which Google Groups provides all of its groups. It may be searched as per Google Groups instructions.
4) Actually, there are three HTM Talks. We have created them in English, Spanish and French! Anyone may join one or more. Search for groups named HTMTalk, HTM TalkES and HTMTalkFR.
5) There is no connection between the three versions, so posts that appear in the Spanish version do not get automatically posted in the other languages. If a member sees something they think should be cross-posted, that are more than welcome to do so.

Please join and use it to start asking questions.

CLICK HERE to view the original article from
January 2014 Technation Magazine.

How To Join HTMTalk:

Go to Google, Search for GoogleGroups, Search for HTMTalk, Click on the group name, Click on Subscribe to this group, Enter your email address, Enter the displayed text characters, Hit the submit button.

CLICK HERE to START at Google.

An open group is configured to grant you immediate membership.

The HTM Talk Start Page:

Welcome to the English version of HTM Talk. This is a public forum which allows anyone to join. Posts are then sent out to all members. The purpose of this Group is for the rapid distribution and answering of questions related to medical equipment maintenance. Typical members are biomedical equipment technicians (BMETs), clinical engineers (CEs), imaging engineers and other Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) professionals.

1) Posts are made via email to
Responses are also made to this same email address.

2) Posts are not monitored prior to distribution. This was decided so that you could be sitting at your desk, ask a question, and receive an answer almost immediately. Membership is not screened, so anyone may join.

3)Companies: This is NOT the place to sell your product. If you sell something that may be of use to our members, please just post a short email, and do not repeat it frequently. We don’t need to be bombarded with “junk” emails, and you don’t want your company to be the one everyone rolls their eyes about because of your too-frequent and annoying posts. Use you common sense.

4) Employers and individuals: Please use this as a place to get a job or fill an opening. But remember, your current employer may be watching it, too.

5) Individuals can have their status changed to “Monitor” or “BAN”. If you see a post that may be deserving of increased scrutiny, email me directly at:

Please enjoy this old-school type of forum and continue using either BiomedTalk from ECRI Institute or the TechNation Listserv from MD Publishing for your other discussions.

I am looking forward to seeing your HTM Talk posts.

Pat Lynch