Seeking New Blog Editor

Hello HTMA of Ohio Blog and Blog Email Readers,

The reason for this message is to announce the retirement of our HTMA of Ohio Information Blog Editor.  Our Editor created this blog a few years ago as a way for the organization to present current and up to date information to our members and readers.  He has served for many years and now he has decided to take leave from the organization and his duties as blog editor.  It is at his request that this message was written and is being circulated to our readers.  Our current editor believes that the blog has increased and provided value for the organization to our readers and members and therefore he would like to see the blog continue into the future however it cannot unless a volunteer steps forward to become the new blog editor.

The Board of the HTMA of Ohio wonders if you are that individual?

If you are interested in becoming the new HTMA of Ohio Information Blog editor and would like to be considered, please email the board at:  Please tell us in the email why you would like to have this position.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,
Your HTMA of Ohio Board