AAMI Survey Identifies Top Ten

Medical Device Challenges

Healthcare technology management (HTM) professionals working in hospitals say their top challenge is the management of medical devices and systems on information technology networks, according to a new survey commissioned by AAMI.

The survey results point to changing world for HTM professionals—one in which routine duties, such are preventive maintenance checks, are part of a workday that increasingly contains more sweeping responsibilities such as helping to implement a hospital-wide medical device integration plan.

According to the survey results, the top ten medical devices challenges are:

1) Managing devices and systems on the IT network (72%)
2) Integrating device data into electronic health records (65%)
3) Broken connectors (50%)
4) Battery management (50%)
5) Alarm management (49%)
6) Maintenance of infusion pump systems (48%)
7) Cybersecurity of medical devices and systems (47%)
8) Setting preventive maintenance strategies (44%)
9) Medical device incident reporting and investigations (42%)
10) Medical devices brought in by patients (42%)

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