Tech Market Predictions For 2015

Ten Things That Will Rock The Market Next Year

By: Dan Tynan

2014 is essentially over, which means one thing: It’s time to start predicting what will happen in 2015.  Will the Apple Watch win the wearables war?  Will smart homes ever be smart enough?  Is an army of robot drones going to take over the planet and enslave us?

We asked experts to predict what’s likely to happen in the world of technology next year.  Here’s what they had to say:

1. Cheap, powerful Chinese phones will flood the United States.
2. Fitness wearables will be everywhere.
3. The Apple Watch will rule your wrist.
4. Smart homes will be slightly smarter.
5. Reality will be increasingly virtual.
6. Hackers will go after the little guys.
7. But there will also be more huge Sony-style hack attacks.
8. Tablets will be cheap and inescapable.
9. Armies of robots will descend upon us.
10. The tech bubble will burst … or not.

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