The 24 x7 Magazine 2014 HTM Salary Survey Results

A Field in Flux

Published 24 x 7 Magazine on December 1, 2014

By John Bethune

In the year since 24×7’s last comprehensive survey of the compensation and job satisfaction of healthcare technology management (HTM) professionals, no dramatic new issues or concerns have emerged.  The litany of challenges to the field offered by this year’s respondents will sound familiar.  Among the perennial challenges and complaints named are a lack of respect for biomeds, out-of-touch and bean-counting management, excessive or ill-informed regulation, healthcare reform, budget cuts, increasing outsourcing of HTM services, uncooperative OEMs who impede the right to repair, integration with IT, the graying of the workforce, and, of course, inadequate compensation.  In other words, more of the same.

What does seem to have changed, however, is the level of uncertainty biomeds feel about their line of work.  For some, the sense of impending but unpredictable change in the HTM discipline is exciting.  For others, it is worrisome.  But whether they see doom or opportunity, all agree that significant change is coming, and that it is likely to transform the profession.

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The 24×7 Salary Survey above provides a high-level summary of the survey results.  But for those who want to dig deeper into the data, 24×7 now offers a detailed top-line downloadable report that records the answers to every quantitative question asked in the survey.

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