Volunteer Needed For Trip To Guatemala In January

Biomeds Without Borders

Dear Healthcare Technology Management Association of Ohio,

Hello and holiday greetings.  I hope you are well and your family is all healthy.  Several of us just returned from Guatemala recently.  Sandra, Heida, Brian, and I spent a week at the hospital.  We unpacked equipment, mounted and installed a wide variety of items, and repaired many more items.   But we did not get finished.

There is a second container of equipment which is just arriving in Guatemala.  There are many repairs that we did not have time to make.  And there are also a number of repairs that we need to return with the parts to complete.   To complete this work, myself and one other BMET must return on January 24, 2015 (Saturday), returning to the United States on February 1, 2015 (Sunday).

Here is what we need in the way of skills:

1. Spanish.  I do not speak Spanish, so I need a traveling companion who is a very fluent Spanish speaker.  This is necessary for everyday communication, but especially for communicating with hospital staff and nurses. 

2. Seasoned BMET who can give simple in services to Spanish-speaking nurses.  They have not seen most of the models of equipment we will unpack for them, so they will need to be taught how to operate the items.  Of most concern to are some ventilators.

3. Versitile and innovative.  We will be exposed to equipment issues that we will have to make our own solutions for.  There will be no hardware store or Home Depot to run to for supplies.   We’ll have to figure it out for ourselves.

OK – Who is interested?  If an all-expenses-paid trip to a medium-sized hospital in the northern mountains of Guatemala is appealing to you, please call or email me and we’ll  talk about it further.

Thanks in advance,

Pat Lynch