Cyber Risk Management

For Embedded Medical Devices

AAMI Webinar:
Wednesday, December 10, 2014 @ 11:00 AM Eastern

The potential for cyber threats affecting embedded medical devices grows each day, with implications to patient safety and confidentiality, device performance, and corporate intellectual property.  Unlike traditional safety risks, security risks are often impossible to predict and measure.  So instead, the FDA is recommending using a security risk control framework such as the NIST 800 Special Publications as a means for medical device developers to think about writing security-based requirements around controls rather than concrete risks.

The ever-growing list of cyber threats and vulnerabilities makes it critical to adopt a complete risk management framework that includes not only safety and efficacy but also security.  This webinar offers a practical perspective and approach rooted in two decades of field-tested cyber risk management and embedded medical device development.

Program Objectives:
After this program attendees will be able to:
Determine the practical application of National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)’s cyber risk framework
Recognize how security risk management fits within existing 14971-based risk management
Identify commonly missed risk controls in embedded systems that could affect medical device development security

– Scott Sheaf, Senior Research Scientist, Battelle
– Fritz Eubanks, PhD, CRE, Principal Systems Engineer, Battelle
– Robert Caruso, CISSP, Information Security Architect, Battelle

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