Video Replay Of Technation’s Webinar Wednesdays

Everyone working in Heathcare Technology Management has extremely busy schedules so Technation Magazine has made these programs available for On Demand replay.

Included are the following webinar presentations:

– A Primer on Tabletop Sterilizer Repair and Maintenance
– How to Enlist the Support of Administrators and Department Heads to Reduce your Hospital’s Dependence on Maintenance Agreements
– 2014 ACR Accreditation for Ultrasound
– The Five Most Common Pulse Oximetry Testing Myths
– Ultrasound as a Migration Path to Imaging Self-service
– Effective Time Management = Career success
– ESU Testing with Focus on High Frequency Leakage
– What’s New in X-ray Test Equipment
– How to Become the Customer Service Leader in your Hospital
– Seven Triggers to Yes (This is a two part program.)

CLICK HERE to go to the Webinar Workshop Replay Start Page.