Robots Don’t Need Vacations

More and more robots are replacing humans in the service sector around the globe.  A restaurant in China is using more than a dozen robots to cook and deliver food, while the noodle robot can make twice as many noodles as a human chef and costs less than half the human chef.  In Russia, the pizza drone is completing unmanned pizza deliveries. And self-service machines at a McDonald’s are being used in France.

CLICK JERE to view this 2 minute 7 second NoodleBot video.

CLICK HERE to view this 1 minute 3 second DomiCopter video.

CLICK HERE to view this 2 minute 34 second McDonald’s video.

Healthcare is sure to be next?  Who will keep these robots operating properly?  Going beyond the Surgical Robots and the Materials Delivery Robots that are already in use, will these new additional robots  become a new specialty repair area in Healthcare Technology Management?