The Cleveland Clinic Names Top 10

Healthcare Innovations for 2015

The Cleveland Clinic released its ninth annual list of the top 10 medical innovations for the coming year.  Included in the list this year are several device related technologies.  The list of up and coming technologies and drug therapies for 2015 was selected by a panel of one hundred ten Cleveland Clinic physicians and scientists and announced during Cleveland Clinic’s 2014 Medical Innovation Summit.

Leading the Cleveland Clinic list was the Mobile Stroke Unit: “High-tech ambulances bring the emergency department straight to the patient with stroke symptoms. Using telemedicine, in-hospital stroke neurologists interpret symptoms via broadband video link, while an onboard paramedic, critical care nurse, and CT technologist perform neurological evaluation and administer TPA after stroke detection, providing faster, effective treatment for the affected patient.”

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the Mobile Stroke Unit.

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24×7 Magazine October 30, 2014.