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Featured Webinar
11/4 @ 2:00 pm Eastern
Clinical Grade Mobility Maximizes Caregiver Productivity and Enhances Quality of Care
This informative session promises to provide timely information on the latest innovative, flexible, and cost-effective health solutions explaining how they connect people, processes, and information to advance collaboration and inform insightful decisions. You will learn Pediatric Associates’ approach to mobility and benefits it realized by enhancing collaboration. This webinar will also discuss how these solutions work with your existing systems giving you the capability to help your health team achieve better care and better outcomes for more people.
Upcoming Events
11/7 @ 2:00 pm Eastern
Creating a World-class IT Integration Strategy
11/10 @ 2:00 pm Eastern
How Wireless is Changing Healthcare
11/13 @ 2:00 pm Eastern
Telemedicine: Speeding Collaboration Across and Beyond the Healthcare Landscape
11/17 @ 2:00 pm Eastern
Are You Reducing Costs and Simplifying Clinical Collaboration?
11/19 @ 2:00 pm Eastern
Why Account Based Plans are Critical to Consumer Loyalty
On-Demand Events
Emerging Threats in Healthcare & Strategies for Defense
Making Big Data Real Through Location-Based Solutions
From Healthcare Provider to Provider and Payer: Achieving the Vision for Advancing Health
Evaluating HIE for Population Health: The NY Million Hearts Initiative
From ‘Zero’ to ‘Healthcare Analytics Insights’ in 3 Weeks
Leveraging Best Practices through the Point-of-Care Technology: Enabling Quality of Patient Care
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