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Time To Build An Integrated Medical And

Information Technology Service Management Standard

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014 @ 12:00 Noon Eastern

In the past decade, most professionals in Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) and in Healthcare Information Management/Technology have come to accept the reality of medical and information technology convergence. In fact, convergence of medical and information technologies is occurring at a near exponential rate. One of the greatest challenges for healthcare organizations today is how can they take what have long been disparate support functions (HTM & IT) and effectively integrate those functions in a manner that adequately supports the new converged technologies.

This session suggests how the industry can adopt and adapt existing standards (like ISO 20000-1 and ITIL v3) to develop a new MITSM standard that would serve as an effective roadmap for HTM and IT collaboration … and establish define a common nomenclature . This session further discusses how this roadmap could then serve as a guide for the development and adoption of best practices.

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