Reduce Dependence On Maintenance Agreements

How To Enlist The Support Of Your Hospital’s Administrators And Department Heads

Technation’s FREE Webinar Wednesday Presentation:
October 29, 2014 @ 2:00 pm Eastern

If you have been frustrated with your attempts to convince hospital department heads and administrators to reduce their dependence on expensive maintenance contracts, this webinar is for you! Frank will provide you with the tools, a logical plan, and a step by step process to help change people’s minds and achieve your objectives.

Key points will include:
– The impact of technology on hospital operations
– The power of information
– Manufacturers maintenance agreement profit margins
– Securing administrative support
– Understanding and working with department heads
– The role of insurance
– The nuts and bolts of managing the program
– Using data to expand your range of services

Featured Speaker:
Frank Magnarelli
Clinical Technology Management
John Krieg
MD Publishing

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