IHE PCD MEM – Integrating Device Data

Overview and Specifics for the Patient Care Device Professional

ACCE Teleconference:

Thursday, October 9, 2014 @ 12:00 Noon Eastern

The emergence of network medical equipment enables equipment information to be shared in real time to support maintenance management systems. 

1- The overview close with how CE/HTM can get involved and a seat at the IHE table.
2- A look at a more visual way to manage clinical equipment through IHE based products via the MEM.
3- Why you have less to worry about when implementing IHE based products
4- Why managing moving devices/people/process is now easier and less risky with IHE based products.

– Steve Merritt
Manager, Imaging and Clinical Systems, Baystate Health
– Jim Smith
President, EQ2, LLC
– John J. Garguilo
Computer Scientist, US dept. of Commerce, NIST
– Carlene Anteau
RN, VP Product, Awarepoint

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