Something Different On Friday

One Life, One Flag, One Mile

Project America Run

After over 8 months of marathon plus days, Mike Ehredt’s amazing personal tribute to over 6,550 fallen US Servicemen and women ended on Veterans Day, November 11, 2012, in Galveston, Texas, at 1:30 PM.  In 2010, Mike ran from Astoria, OR, to Rockland, ME, and placed 4,424 flags, one every mile for every US soldier and Marine lost in Iraq.  Then, in 2012, Mike placed the last of 2,140 flags, honoring those US soldiers and Marines who had died in Afghanistan.

Throughout these two grueling runs, Mike remained true to the purpose of this monumental endeavor.  His goals were simple, yet humbling: To personally honor each and every fallen American with a memorial mile and flag, and to remind the rest of us Americans that many men and women, and their families and friends, have made huge sacrifices on our behalf.  He adamantly opposed the intrusion of any political or commercial agendas which would detract from his effort to Honor and Remember those who perished in these two conflicts.

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