HP Test Equipment Repair – “STICKY BUTTONS”

Contributed By: rbarrioss

Some of the 80’s HP/Agilent Test equipment uses this pushbutton switches (HP P/N 5060-9436), which may get quite hard to push, with a nasty feeling of being stuck. There is a steel strip, used as detent spring that may be susceptible to crease and, in the worst case, pop out of the switch assembly. This fix consists in straightening the curved strip where we want it straight (vertical end) and curving it where it is needed to make the switch action softer (horizontal end with the curve separing the strip from the plastic body). The strip can be removed vertically or horizontally, depending on the clearance around the switch. I am showing the vertical procedure, which is the most tricky. The horizontal is very straightfoward, simply slide it out, correct the shape and slide it in again.

Rditor’s Note:  Many pieces of HP/Agilent medical equipment use these same type of buttons.

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