FAQs On Wireless Technologies

FREE Webinar – Wednesday, August 13, 2014 @ 11:30 am Eastern

As more and more wireless technologies are used in healthcare, it becomes increasingly difficult to sort out what it all means. This session is an opportunity to fill in the gaps in your knowledge in an informal setting. If you don’t know the difference between Wi-Fi and WLANS, WEP and WPA (or if you just have acronym burnout), this session is for you. It will enable you to ask a wireless healthcare expert any question you’d like, and hear answers to the most commonly asked questions about wireless technology in healthcare.   This session is based on the set of wireless FAQs developed by AAMI’s WSTF.

Please join us for this virtual town hall meeting of the CE-IT Community featuring Steve Baker and moderated by Elliot Sloane.

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