Keeping Excellent Records

The Best Way to Prevent Outsourcing of HTM

by Patrick Lynch

Published Friday, August 1, 2014 – TechNation Magazine

Why are so many HTM (aka Biomed or Clinical Engineering) departments being outsourced?  There are basically two reasons.  First, there are some lazy managers who fail to keep up with the latest technology.  They are content to have as much as 70 percent of their medical devices serviced under an outside contract.  This makes the in-house program less cost effective and makes outside takeover extremely easy.

Second, there are many excellent programs that fail to collect data to prove their value and cost savings on paper.  When a proposal comes to a CFO, COO or CEO from a national ISO, it is often a matter of cold, hard dollars.  If the in-house program cannot prove their value, they are subject to losing their jobs to a corporation that is much better at quantifying costs and savings to the C-Suite.

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