Are You An Association Member?

Benefits of Joining Your Local Biomed Association

By Dave Francoeur
Crest Services / Crothall
Healthcare Clinical Equipment Solutions

Every day you work with equipment, and most of us, as professionals, are pigeon holed into one modality for training and serviceability.  Although you become very proficient at your responsibilities, your scope becomes smaller and smaller every day.  We focus on getting the “job” done, in the capacity of whatever that means for your position. It’s been my contention all along that if you are a practicing biomed, you need to stay active both in body and mind.

Joining your local biomed group will increase your knowledge base of the industry, and gain exposure to others whom may actually have something they can share with you in regards to knowledge albeit general industry or specific to a device which may be giving you issues. It provides a sounding board for issues/opportunities for validation and/or resolution. Active societies actually introduce problems, and use working sessions to devise resolutions.  Although you may not be experiencing any issues at that moment, the probability of running into challenges at some point in your career has a high probability.  Being part of your local biomed society presents you with contacts, both professional and personal, and instigates self-development and confidence within a sense of belonging.  When traveling for business or pleasure, it’s another source of conversation for making a connection. One of the most beneficial values for an individual involved in Biomed Associations is exposure to employment opportunities.  While you may not be looking today, and most likely your employer is not wanting you to have opportunities presented to you, the fact is that it is always good to know what’s going on around you in your professional life.  Lastly, there is one more thing that happens within most regional meetings, and it’s something that is near and dear to all of our hearts- You get to eat, and we all know how much we love that!!  The way to get to a HTM professional is through their stomach.

Join your local Biomed Association today, and secure all of the opportunities to enhance your professional career.

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Why YOU Should Join Your Local HTM Association

By Patrick Lynch
Global Medical Imaging

People in the HTM (Healthcare Technology Management) community are more than willing to share. You can have almost anything you want just by asking the right person. If you are a known member of the community, and people trust you, they will share knowledge, tips, policies, templates, reports, manuals, passwords and almost anything else.

But you need to be known before you can expect the leaders and mentors of the profession to share their hard earned work products with you.  They must recognize you, and you must have developed a reputation as a valuable member of the HTM community, not just someone who shows up when they are asking for something.  You must always give more than you receive. Join your local association as the first step to becoming known in the profession. Become a leader to further enhance your stature and value.  And GIVE as well as RECEIVE.

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