Creating Effective Quick Reference Guides

Webinar: Thursday, July 24, 2014 @ 11:00 am Eastern

This webinar presents the ubiquitous quick reference guide (QRG) as an un-sung hero in the business of guiding users to interact safely and effectively with medical devices.  This course discusses how a QRG is often preferred over a full-blown user manual due to being more readily accessible both physically and intellectually.  This webinar advocates taking a structured development approach and applying established principles of human factors engineering to produce visually pleasing, legible, and readable content.  Learn to review how a good QRG can avert usability problems that could otherwise lead to task failures in a validation usability test and actual medical procedures.  Webinar attendees will leave with a new appreciation for the simple, yet effective and economical QRG.

Michael Wiklund, General Manager
Human Factors Engineering, UL Health Sciences 

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