TechNation’s Webinar Wednesday July 23rd

ESU Testing With Focus On High Frequency Leakage

Wednesday, July 23, 2014 @ 2:00pm Eastern

This 90 minute webinar will feature
James Knight of B.E.S.T. Training.

The presentation of “ESU Testing with Focus on High Frequency Leakage” will begin with general electrosurgery terminology and theory, and will progress to the typical checklist for a PM,  as well as dive into the reasons why HF leakage is important for patient safety along with a path to accomplish the testing quickly and safely while maintaining data traceability.

James is the president of the CMIA Bay Area chapter, certified by the I.C.C. as a CBET in 1997, and provides training in the areas of ESU Testing, Endoscopic video testing, video integrations/hybrid OR troubleshooting and intra-aortic ballon pump testing. He has spent 25 years testing and repairing medical equipment; primarily in the peri-operative arena. He has collected data from his testing and used it to design and implement quality improvement procedures.  In the last ten years he has been training other technicians and managers to do the same. The training he provides improves overall medical equipment reliability and reduces parts and labor costs.

This Webinar Sponsored By Rigel Medical
Thank you to our sponsor Rigel Medical.  Rigel Medical is a leading manufacturer of biomedical test equipment including: electrical safety analyzers, vital signs simulators, infusion pump analyzers, electrosurgical analyzers, and Med-eBase asset management software.

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