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A few words from our founder . . .

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This is a place where Biomeds (BMETs, Clinical Engineers, Imaging Engineers) and other motivated individuals and companies can support the maintenance of medical equipment if other, less fortunate countries.  A collection site for maintenance supplies for BMETs in other countries.  Basic model – encourage BMETs to collect old tools, test equipment, supplies, and cables of every type.   Send them to the address below so they can be sorted and distributed to third world BMETs.

What we do . . .

 As a joint effort on the part of many organizations,individuals and companies, this site is the place to inspire you to donate your unneeded repair parts, tools, test equipment and supplies.  They are 100% sent to third world countries where trained BMETs await to fix the medical equipment that has been donated by well-meaning Americans.  Unfortunately, the medical equipment that is donated often does not work well in the harsh environment of a country with poor power, little air conditioning and lots of dust.  And to add to the problems, there is little access to service manuals, maintenance procedures, specialized tools, test equipment and even repair parts.  This is where the BMETs of the US come in.  We are encouraging everyone to implement a thorough house-cleaning, purging their shops and home workshops of the old and unused items that we all have laying about.

 When you collect a boxful, send it to the address listed below.

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We are establishing a new ICU in Coban, Guatemala.  We need the following equipment and supplies in a pretty short time in order to ship and have time to clear customs.  We would like to do the installation in October, and have anofficial grand opening with the Fiorst Lady of Guatemala shortly thereafter.

1) We have 4 ventilators (AVEA) to be sent to Coban, Guatemala.  We could use several more ventilators.
2) We need some compressors to power ventilators, as they have very limited access to compressed air,
3) We need hoses and connectors to connect machines to wall gases,
4) We need wall regulators for air and oxygen,
5) We need Ambu bags, as these are their primary means of ventilating patients,
6) Temperature Modules for HP Veridia Monitors,
7) Invasive Pressure Modules for HP Veridia Monitors,
8) Modules (Pulse Ox or ECG) for HP Veridia Monitors.

If anyone has any of these things, please contact me, as we have a container leaving in 30 days from Charlotte for an October Installation of a new ICU.

We will also need up to 4 biomeds and/or imaging engineers to accompany us to install these items and repair lots of other equipment.  We will be there about 10 days and all expenses will be paid, if you can donate your time.  If interested, please email me at

Thank you for your time, interest, donations, and assistance.


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