AAMI Premieres HTM Career Video

AAMI has publicly unveiled a new video promoting healthcare technology management (HTM) as a career option. The video first aired at the AAMI 2014 Conference & Expo in Philadelphia earlier this month.

Karen Waninger and Barrett Franklin of AAMI’s Technology Management Council (TMC) appear in the video, which was shot at the Community Heart and Vascular Hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Waninger and Franklin discuss some of the opportunities offered by a career in the field.

“The HTM field offers great opportunities for clinical engineers, biomedical equipment technicians, laboratory and radiology equipment specialists, and others who use their expertise to ensure that medical devices are safe and effective and available for clinical use,” Franklin notes during the video.  He also highlights figures from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics that the biomedical equipment field will grow by 30% by 2022.

During the video, Waninger adds, “The career opportunities available in the HTM field are virtually limitless.”

The video shows footage of a trained biomedical equipment technician working on various pieces of healthcare technology.  It also directs viewers to for more information about the HTM field, and to AAMI’s student resources page, intended for those considering a career in the field.

“I’m excited about the newest version of the AAMI HTM video,” says Steve Yelton, professor in the Electrical Engineering Technologies Department of the Center for Innovative Technologies at Cincinnati State Technical and Community College.  “I feel this video shows the diversity of the HTM field and opportunities within it.  As an educator and member of the TMC Executive Committee, I’m very grateful for AAMI’s continued support of the HTM field.  This video will be a great resource for all of us to get the HTM message out to our colleagues and help assure the future of our field.”  Yelton is a member of the Healthcare Technology Management Association of Ohio.

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