You Are The Value You Create

by Joey Weber

I don’t know about you, but I’ve definitely felt entitled to success before.  I would look at the world around me and wonder why the hell those people were successful, but I wasn’t.

I was just as smart as them.  I wanted it just as badly.  I had watched Rudy like a hundred times.

Well, the answer is annoying simple and basically says that I was stupid.  The real answer is that I simply did not create enough value in the world.  Period.

I worked at a job as a cog in a machine.  Even when I did great work I was rarely directly involved creating anything of real value.  At the end of my life, all the brilliant emails, memos, and spreadsheets I created are absolutely worthless.  Not just to me, but in the long run for the company and clients I created them for.

When that is the kind of thing I produced I had no right to be successful.  Why would I?  I didn’t create anything with any real value…

…and as simple and crass as it sounds, you are the value you bring into the world.  And if you aren’t creating anything of real value then start working on it today.  If you are, be on a mission to continually increase that value.


Hi, I’m Joey Weber.  Nice to meet you.
So, here’s my semi-official elevator statement about myself:  “I’m an internet businessman who teaches people how to get freedom and control over their own lives by improving themselves while building lucrative businesses at the same time.”