Introducing ClubHTM

ClubHTM is a growing community and website dedicated to three things in the world of medical equipment repair: jobs, education, and certification.  I’ve always found that there was a certain lack of information on these three topics, so I wanted to make a website to help all of us out in that regard.

Right now, ClubHTM is just starting with helping BMETs find a career.  It can be incredibly frustrating – and a full-time job itself – searching for a new job in the world of HTM. This website is here to alleviate that pain.

In addition to that, I want to make sections for both education and certification info and resources. Eventually,  ClubHTM will have a database in the background, so you can click on your current location (or someplace you’d like to relocate to) such as California, and it will bring up all Biomed schools, societies, hospitals, certification testing sites, manufacturers, and open jobs in the area.

Click on any of those things and you’ll be able to find more info on it – for example, click on a manufacturer, and you’ll see a brief description of the company, what products it makes, and current job openings.  Click on a product it makes (a ventilator, for example) and that will bring you to a page on how ventilators work, list of manufacturers that make ventilators, and a list job openings related to ventilators.

That’s hopefully what ClubHTM will be in the future.  For now though, it’s the place to be while looking for a job, or seeking candidates.

I truly hope ClubHTM makes life a little easier for all of us in the medical device business. Please don’t hesitate to give some feedback, so we can work together to make our profession a little better.

Thanks for your support,
Andy Kremer

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