Surplus Items Needed

As many of you know, I go frequently to teach Biomeds in other countries to maintain their equipment. These are countries where there are no Home Depots or Radio Shacks to purchase parts. And ordering from the US is virtually impossible, because of product cost, shipping costs, and customs problems.

I have started an organization called “Biomeds Without Borders” ( ) to publicize this need. On my last trip to Haiti, I carried almost 300 pounds of test equipment, tools and repair parts with me. These were very generously donated from many Biomeds, including those in Fairfax, VA, Indianapolis, Texas, and Minnesota. But my reserves are depleted.

Specifically, here is what I need:

ECG Simulators – the simpler, the better.

Anesthesia Gas analyzers (Riken model 18 is the best)

Patient cables and lead wires of any type (especially the very old non-keyed, non-shielded lead wires)

Blood pressure cuffs, hoses and connectors

Hand tools of any type

FUSES – just normal glass or ceramic cartridge fuses, but any will do.

LAMPS – light bulbs always blow out. We ned any light bulbs, of any size or type.

Tie Wraps

Tape – Electrical or Duct

ESU Footswitches – specifically for any model of Valleylab ESU

Temp Sensors for Infant Warmers and Incubators.

Soldering guns, solder and solder Wick.

Extension Cords and multi-outlet strips.

Oxygen Analyzers.

Anesthesia Gas hoses and any sort of connectors for Oxygen.

Canisters for Suction Pumps – they re-use the plastic ones till they crack and will not hold a suction.

Pressure and flow gauges – the old mechanical gauges are best.

Hose Barbs, ¼ NPT, 1/8 NPT, and anything to couple cracked hoses together.

Files – flat, curved or triangular

Drill Bits

Brushes – wire or plastic bristle

Filter material for fans.

Extra Labels – Broken, Awaiting Parts, Serviced, Unrepairable, or TESTED – OK.


Do not think this list is all-inclusive – it is just the major needed items. Even with the donated items, I purchased over $300.00 worth of tools, supplies, etc. before my trip. If you initiate a cleanup session at your work, or even in your home garage, I would be VERY grateful.

Thanks in advance for anything you can do,


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