Seven Things You Need To Know

When Selecting An ISO Or 3rd Party Service

By Frank West – Published February 10, 2014 in DOTmed News

In an ever changing world of increased health care costs, organizations are always on the lookout for ways to cut or cap expenses.  Health care and medical organizations generally face two options when looking to repair or put equipment under contract.  The first option is to work with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).  The second option is to utilize independent service organizations (ISOs), or third-party repair services.

But there is a third option too, which is to employ well-trained biomedical engineers in-house.  The down side to this is of course the cost of additional employees as well as finding biomeds with the necessary experience to properly service all of your equipment.  With this option being unrealistic for many companies, most opt to choose between the OEM or a third party.  While the OEM is always a reliable option, the repair costs with an OEM are usually 50 percent higher than using a third party.  Sometimes, the OEM can even be closer to 75 percent higher in parts pricing.

This means that a third party is most likely the most cost effective option, but choosing the right third party can be a challenge.  Below are seven points to consider in your search for the perfect third party service provider.

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