Put Customer Service First

By Travis Brown, CBET
Published on February 7, 2014 in 24×7 Magazine

Customer service is often overlooked as a primary skill required of biomeds. All too often, the customer is forgotten about in the midst of the hectic day-to-day maintenance of a hospital’s medical equipment. In fact, customer service is a crucial factor in ensuring a well-oiled and successful biomed team.

One major benefit to maintaining your relationships is the improved overall care of your equipment. If you have a healthy partnership with your customers, they are much more likely to voice their concerns about the equipment they use every day. Many errors and misuses can be avoided if the end user is not afraid of picking their biomed’s brain.

Open communication between a biomed and an end user regarding equipment can often prevent many issues. An open-door policy can also instill their trust in your abilities and knowledge. Chris Jacobs, manager of sterile processing and anesthesia services for Baylor Medical Center Garland, puts it this way: “One of the biomed’s goals should be to ensure that each department is aware of any issues with equipment and that they are given an accurate time frame for resolution. This in turn improves patient care and employee satisfaction.”

When a customer doesn’t hesitate to contact you, the result will almost certainly be a faster equipment repair turnaround. With that open line of communication, you can expect a more detailed explanation of the error. The end user might even take a moment to show you the exact fault while in use, which could end up saving a shop many technician hours wasted on unnecessary troubleshooting.

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